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Remote Kegel Ben Wa Balls Kit For Women Bladder Control Exercise Weights

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Beads mix exercise and pleasure to strengthen your pelvic muscle!

Developed as an easy-to-use modular alternative to traditional Ben Wa balls, YOSPOSS pleasure beads help increase your Kegel muscle strength - and the intensity of your intimate liaisons.

The beads strengthen muscles in two different ways. First, they subtly vibrate with your movement, stimulating the Kegel muscles and building them up with every step you take. Second, the beads automatically cause you to clench when you stand up as your pelvic muscles fight gravity to keep the beads in place.

How to use?

Start with the 2 lighter balls (1oz each) and progress to the 2 weightier balls (1.4oz each) when ready to advance your training. Wear the balls with or without the silicone holder, which features a pull cord for easy removal.

If you are new to Kegel exercise, have experienced childbirth, or are over 30, opt for the lighter ball duo. Then, once you have built up experience, a more intense workout is yours with the heavier pair.


  • Progressive Kegel ball training system for all level users
  • Beads work your Kegel muscles for a tighter feel and stronger pleasure
  • Modular design uses 2 pairs of interchangeable beads for a personalized touch
  • Discreet & quiet with no buzzing sound to give you away!
  • Movement-based inner balls subtly stimulate your pelvic all day long
  • Lighter beads are perfect for beginners
  • Heavier beads designed for more advanced users
  • Hygienic retrieval cord for easy, safe removal

    Detachable & Waterproof

    Detachable beads with waterproof design for easy cleaning are made with non-porous materials that won't harbor bacteria. The balls are made from ABS plastic, which was engineered to be stronger than regular plastic. The harness with retrieval cords are made from premium silicone, an extremely durable material.

    Harness Strap-on Compatible

    Whether you are young, middle age or elderly, a virgin or are sexually active, pregnant or in recovery, YOSPOSS Kegel Ball has the right weight & shape for you to Develop a Stronger Pelvic Floor!

    Add Pulses to Your Kegel Workout

    The massager ball with remote control has 16 modes, which uses electric pulses to automatically strengthen and tone pelvic floor muscles.

    Exercise Anytime, Anywhere

    With YOSPOSS Kegel balls, just 15 minutes per day replaces 100 Kegel exercises. Do it while in the shower, morning running, or doing light chores! Easy!


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      Remote Kegel Ben Wa Balls Kit For Women Bladder Control Exercise Weights
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