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Automatic Thrusting Male Masturbator with Turntable Change Speed At Will


Glans Stamina Trainer-Best Choice

Our thrusting male Masturbator is especially suitable for endurance training of the glans. Fast thrust and random variable speed can make you reach climax quickly. The stimulation decreases at the moment of ejaculation, and the ejaculation is prolonged. Through continuous training, you could reduce the sensitivity of the glans, thereby improving sexual function.

  • Thrusting Penis Trainer with Simpler Operation & More Compact -  We found that the electric male masturbator currently on the market is large, heavy, and complicated in operation through investigation. After an in-depth understanding of customer needs and repeated design, we have listed this elegant, compact, concealed thrusting blowjob toy machine for carrying when traveling and used for penis training.
  • Thrusting Function with 250 times/min Speedy Stimulation - Our Automatic Male Masturbator can adjust the propulsion speed freely. The motor has more substantial power and can reach a maximum speed of 250 Stretch per minute. Our male masturbator cup brings your penis an unprecedented speedy Thrust stimulation, letting you feel for a tremendous sensational sexual experience.
  • Male Masturbators with Speed Turntable-Variable Speed at Will Our Automatic Blowjob Toy Machine is equipped with a simple and efficient speed turntable, which has the functions of shutting down and turning on and adjusting the thrusting speed at will. Following the turntable's rotation, You can continuously change the speed of the blowjob toy machine and feel the pleasure of real oral sex.
  • 3.2 Inches Insertable TPE Ribbed Inner Canal The 3.2-in insertable tunnel is lined with special granules, stimulating your panic while you pump away, giving you a full range of penis stimulation experience. The super-textured soft canal is made of high-quality stretchable TPE material, durable and safe, and there is no need to worry about breakage. It is just to slide in gently and enjoy
  • Easy to Disassemble and Clean - The silicone sleeve of the masturbation cup is detachable. Lift it, rinse it over under running water, then let it dry. Align the card position on the inner wall of the machine, which can be easily put back in place. 

Experience the fast-thrusting climax with this automatic stroker!

If you want to experience the 250 time/s stretch pleasure, then abandon those slow-thrusting male masturbators. The speed of thrusting is like rapid penetration, making your soul explode! It's time to free your hands, and you are guaranteed to have an explosive hands-free cumming experience!Many people say they experience orgasms brighter than during real sex.

Textured 3D Tight Vaginal Sleeve

The realistic sleeve has complicated grain and texture. It will add stimulation when automatic blowj*b toy thrust in and out. Slip your dick into the soft pussy and feel the rows of soft pleasure nubs within the sleeve surround your shaft for extra Pleasure!

Private packaging, Safe delivery

The male masturbator will be delivered to you in discreet and unmarked packaging. You don't have to worry about the embarrassment of receiving and paying. It does not work while charging. Please do not use it while charging.

Give you what you need most!

Fast thrusting, Variable speed at will, elegant shape, simple operation, everything is based on customers' needs to create this product. We don't have fancy features and ​complex processes. We pay attention to the core feeling, multi-person testing, Just guaranteeing to provide you with the best experience. This product comes with ​a 250 times/s telescopic, and the thrusting speed can be adjusted arbitrarily. And it is easy to carry, hide, clean and install. Abandon complex operations and functions to give you the most core ultimate experience.


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Due to the impact of the COVID-19, the shipping may be delayed. However,we will do our best efforts to deliver the package safely and quickly.If you have any questions during this period, please contact us at info@yosposs.com.

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  • 30-day no risk money-back guarantee
  • 12 months warranty
Automatic Thrusting Male Masturbator with Turntable Change Speed At Will
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